8 thoughts on “Writing at a Slow Simmer

  1. You know how much I can relate to this post, Jessica. Love it. As my crockpot cooks, cooks, cooks on this latest WIP, I’m really hoping to create that “rich gumbo of well-blended words and ideas.”
    I also loved Rogers’ comment: ““Not everything I’m doing at this stage looks even remotely like work. I’m walking and thinking about my novel, listening to music while I daydream about the novel. The trick lies in knowing when to shift gears and produce scenes, when to stop and noodle some more.” Ha… I feel like that right now – not making much progress, not sure if it’s time to really dig into writing. BUT when I realize that the slow pace of my process has resulted in unbelievable connections within the story, new scenes, etc. that would certainly NOT have happened during a quick write – I realize it truly is worth it.

  2. This is EXACTLY how I feel, Jessica. It makes me feel so much better to have such a perfect metaphor for it (because like you, I often find myself frustrated by my slow pace, wishing I could get the book out faster). But you’re right that each meal has to be prepared and served in its own way. And the simmering…so important.

  3. I think my novel’s cooked so long it has evaporated! JK. I actually reignited my story recently after doing a little more research which always seems to do the trick. This led to some brainstorming and working on some plot issues I’d been having. Sure enough, I have a new beginning and a plot that seems to work better. Letting things stew (ba-da-bum) can help stir up ideas (I just can’t help myself!) and thicken the plot. (Bam! I’m out.)
    (P.S. Love this post because it makes me feel like my book is not a lost cause!)

  4. Hi Hallie! So happy to see your comment and to hear that you’ve reignited your story. It’s so hard sometimes to keep believing in a project when we hit a brick wall. I think it happens to every writer at some point. You were wise to do a little more research to help get your creative juices flowing again. And I’m so glad this post helped you feel better about the project, too! Thanks for sharing!!

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