Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Book Trailer

Behind the scenes Curious about how authors and publishers create book trailers for their new releases? Mari Pfeiffer of Wolf and Redhood Media was, after viewing the trailer for my novel All Different Kinds of Free. She extended an invitation for an interview, and I was delighted to accept. Her questions were insightful and fun.

Visit the Wolf and Redhood Media website to read the interview: Author Jessica McCann Talks about the Making of her Trailer for All Different Kinds of Free.{publisher:’36f966fe-67ee-4cd6-818a-10ef3dc05818′});


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3 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Book Trailer

  1. I loved this trailer! It was so gripping and compelling. The use of the old photos and words was awesome! Makes me want to go and buy a copy of the book!!

  2. What a powerful and gripping trailer…I’m sure the book is even more so! Thanks for giving us a behind the scenes peek into the making of it. I had no idea you pretty much did it all yourself. You did an amazing job of capturing the mood and emphasizing the importance of Margaret’s story through it all.

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